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I eat lunch here 90% of the time when I am in town and working downtown. Need I say more. Fresh healthy food with specials changing every day. This place is a gem surrounded by fast food and chains.
Alex C.
I can\'t say enough about this place. Aviva is a shining example of when you are passionate about your occupation, it shows through every facet of the business. The food is outstanding, the atmosphere is very welcoming, and the staff is incredibly friendly and you can tell they enjoy working there. The food is top notch. Everything is made fresh and with high quality ingredients, with an emphasis on showing that healthy food can be very tasty. I go there literally every week day for lunch, and the specials change daily so you can eat there daily and not get bored of the same menu.
Michael B.
I've been there about 5 times since it\'s opened. Always greeted by the friendly owner and friendly staff. I've had different meals each time, and they have all been great. The falafel is perfectly cooked. The turkey is amazing. Chicken Shawarma is delicious. I had the stuffed flounder and it was one of the best seafood meals I've had in a long time.
Joe M.
 A wonderful meal. Everything is delicious, cooked only with olive oil and there is no freezer in the kitchen! Fresh food only! Talk to the owner, Kameel for a great conversation to go with the food!
Chelsea V.
 I am so thrilled to find this little gem at Peachtree Center! There were no healthy options until you came along! And now I can find fresh juice for a very reasonable price! Kale, beets, ginger, etc., how wonderful! And all the other lunch items are delicious!
Susan H.
The food is outstanding, the prices very reasonable, and the staff is incredibly nice. So many wonderful things to try and I am never disappointed. My favorite item is the idea what he does to it but I find myself craving it all the time. Luckily I work very close and I can pop down any time for a "fix".
Kevin D.
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