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We serve Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, and Beef on occasion.  All of our meats are 100% Halal, hormone free, and locally grown.  We refuse to buy any meats that are treated with antibiotics or steroids.  We also refuse to serve pork.  We don’t serve pork out of respect to our Muslim and Jewish customers, and also because it is a dirty animal that carries unique digestive diseases.


We get our seafood shipped to us on a daily basis to ensure premium freshness and quality.  We only use wild, sustainably caught seafood, and do not buy any farm raised fish or shellfish.  Our Scottish Salmon is premium quality; you will taste the difference!

Like our meats and seafood, we also buy our fruits and veggies as frequently as possible to ensure maximum freshness.  We get our fruits and veggies from local Georgia farmers market because they are grown without any pesticides or hormones.  Another positive of buying local produce is to stimulate the Georgia economy!

Yes!  We have the most vegetarian and vegan options in downtown Atlanta.  Everyday, we cook at least 15 different vegetarian sides, and most of them are vegan, as well!  We also carry a huge selection of gluten-free dishes and desserts.  Our Gluten-Free cookies are the best!

We exclusively cook with 100% Olive Oil.  We refuse to use any vegetable, canola or frying oil in our cooking.  Olive Oil is the healthiest and best tasting oil there is.   Loaded with healthy fats and Omega 3’s, there are countless health benefits to consuming olive oil.  We are unique in that we fry our Falafel in Olive Oil, as well.  That’s just one of our many secrets to create our amazing Falafel!

Unfortunately, we do not serve alcohol.  You can, however, book our restaurant for private parties and BYOB.

Yes, this is our only location (for now).  Our goal, though, is to open numerous Aviva’s throughout the metro Atlanta area, then franchise Aviva across the United States!   The USA is the greatest country in the world, but our food here is terrible.  America deserves better food, and Aviva will deliver it! 

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